Why Pain

What is the purpose of pain?

Why Pain?

Pain acts like an early warning signal but the body is not functioning within normal homoeostatic limits. In many instances, pain is the result of the regular muscle tension is pulling on evenly throughout the body more and evenly across the joints. This often results in Bernie is being pulled out of alignment which can then push onto nerves causing irritation. As a result of pain, we both consciously and unconsciously try to compensate the avoid the pain, and a spiralling effects of compensations can be set up. Both the EMMETT Technique and NST Bowen Therapy use gentle pressure at specific locations on the soft tissue to bring about a localised relaxation and improved health tone. In this way, the tensions of the body can more appropriately hold the structure (ie bones) in place, allowing more appropriate nerve innervation, reduced aggravation and a feeling of easier and enhanced freedom in movement.

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The relaxing nature of both therapies have resulted in clients reporting typical responses:

* improved comfort and ease in the back, abdomen, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, neck, shoulders, arm and hands

* a sense of lightness within their body

* more restful sleep

* enhanced mood