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Sue Gassick

About Sue Gassick

As a Complementary Health Practitioner, I work with clients who prefer to approach their health issue using natural (ie non-chemical and non-surgical) strategies.
Why Pain?

Why Pain?

What is the purpose of pain?
Pain extra like an early warning signal but the body is not functioning within normal homoeostatic limits.
Ross Emmett & Sue Gassick

Treatment Techniques

I am a holistic and “combining” therapist. I tailor treatments according to what you tell me and what your body tells me. I listen, touch, observe and apply non-invasive assessment...

Experienced practitioner of the EMMETT Technique and Bowen therapy

Feel better, sooner in Reading

If you are suffering from physical bodily concern in Reading, or looking for an improvement in how you feel, I can help. I’m Sue Gassick and I’m an experienced practitioner of the EMMETT Technique and Bowen therapy. With these two natural therapies I have helped hundreds of people to find much more ease within their body, and you could benefit too. They are both gentle and non-invasive therapies, that can be applied through clothing.

EMMETT Technique and Bowen Therapy in Reading

Although relatively new in the UK, the EMMETT Technique has built a strong reputation in Australia over the last 20 years of being an effective means of resolving feelings of “things not being quite right”, dis-comfort and un-ease.

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NST Bowen Therapy has been around even longer and is designed to gently nudge the body to better symmetry, so it has the opportunity to function more easily. I welcome clients from everywhere in Berkshire not just Reading, and my experience as a therapist and an educating instructor in these therapies, makes me a leader in this field. Your situation is unique and your treatment is tailored to you and where you tell me where you notice the issue.  If you need a helping hand to overcome an injury or need some assistance for pain relief, please give me a call or make contact via email.

Sports Injuries in Reading

All of my treatments are based on natural techniques, avoiding harsh painkillers, heavy painful pressure and invasive procedures. My effective and supportive techniques are carried out in calm and comfortable surroundings. Whatever your area of concern, from your neck and shoulder issues, right down to your ankles and feet, give me a call and find out how the focused relaxation brought about by the EMMETT Technique and / or NST Bowen Therapy can help.

Call Me

Call me today on 07834 979 544 or email me using the form on my Contact me page and I will talk to you about how my skills can help you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Allow around 1 hour for your first session, where your concerns are discussed and a treatment given to you. On this page, are answers to FAQs from clients.
Sue - Covid Safe

COVID-19 Safe

I am taking all of the Government & complementary therapy industry bodies recommended measures to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 within the clinic.
Training Courses

Training Courses

The EMMETT Technique Practitioner training workshops are open to all who are interested in learning a simple method in relaxing targeted areas of the body.